Pathways to Sacred Writing For Your Business by Heather Dakota
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Pathways to Sacred Writing For Your Business

January 20-31, 2020

You love writing, but when it comes to your business your enthusiasm falls flat.

I love writing for my business, it connects me to my audience in magical and beautiful ways. 

It hasn't always been sunshine and roses, so I want to share the skills, processes, and tools that I've learned along the way.
Enrollment is closed

Introducing Pathways to Sacred Writing

Writing is a way to connect us with our audience and our inner landscape. It's about having the conversations that we want to have and working with our sacred words to create atmosphere and experience.

In this 10-day workshop, we'll explore our own brand of writing, discover how to captivate an audience (any audience). We'll practice writing in small and big ways. I want you to stretch out of your comfort zone into the edges of infinite possibilities. Lastly, we'll look at the art of business storytelling where the bridge is built and the magic begins to connect you with the people who desperately need to hear your messages.

The workshop will include: 
  • 10 Video Lessons to honor your sacred words
  • 10 Magical Practices to help build confidence, coherence, and clarity
  • A mini play book for each day 
  • 5 Group Coaching Live Sessions to stir the cauldron of your business

What's Included

Lesson 1: Captivate Your Audience With Your Magical Words

When our words are in alignment with our magick and purpose, the gates open up in your business. Our words have power both negatively and positively. 

In this lesson, we'll explore the bone-knowing process of finding the right words for our businesses—they'll send your magick far and wide to call in the clients and customers who are ideal fits. 

In this lesson, we'll: 
  • Explore the bone-knowing process for always finding the right words. 
  • Define your audience in a more magical way. 
  • Build confidence in your writing voice in small ways, so it's not overwhelming. 

Lesson 2: Practice, Practice, Practice…Making Writing Easier

Magic doesn't just happen. We practice and make it happen. The same is true for writing. When you practice, you'll feel more confident in your sacred words. 

When you fully embody your sacred words, you'll be able to sell with ease, not sleaze. Your magick is totally unique to you, so let's tease it out of you with practice. 

Practice means: 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone. 
  • Adding your sacred words to your website, social media, vlogs, and blog posts/articles. 
  • Writing like you mean it. 

Lesson 3: Honoring Your Sacred Words: The Foundations of Copywriting

Honoring our sacred words means thinking big and long-term. It's not about posting on social media everyday, it's about having the conversations that you want to have. 

Copywriting is about being honest, transparent, and trust. If you don't have confidence in what you're saying or selling, your customers will feel it. 

In this lesson, we'll 
  • Gain clarity and coherence about what your audience wants from you and how to say it. 
  • Use a formula to make it less sleazy and more easy to sell your sacred works. 
  • Dig into your Inspiration goldmine for the nuggets to connect with your audience. 

Lesson 4: The Art of Business Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story and your audience wants to hear yours. This is by far the most vulnerable you can be and your people will love you for it.  

If I've learned one thing, it's that people want to connect and belong. Stories are the bridges between you and your "new" friend.  

In this lesson, we'll: 
  • Practice telling our stories with a ton of excitement. 
  • Learn the template for great stories that will capture your audience's attention 
  • Build confidence "putting ourselves out there." 

Lesson 5: Your Content Marketing Landscape

Writing is great, but if you don't know the landscape and how to strategize your time and energy, it's all for not. 

Most content marketing is taught from a business perspective, which is great if your mind works that way. But what if you're a creative connector? or *gasp* an introvert? 

How will you be seen and heard? 

In this lesson, we'll strategize and conjure some magick for content freedom. 

Feeling energized without the hustle of mainstay marketing tactics. Put your sacred words to work for you and with you so you will be seen for your wonderful, magical self. 

We start on January 20, 2020 (magical right?!)

The journey will take us through the first week (January 20 - 24). We'll take the weekend off to play and dream about the words that are beginning to flow. Then, we'll come back refreshed for the second half (January 27-31).

The Live Grouping Witching takes place every other day at 1:00pm PST. The live sessions will be recorded for later viewing.

By the end of this class, you'll feel ready to write with confidence, coherence, clarity, and vulnerability so the world can see and hear you.

Your Investment: $125

January 20-31, 2020

We'll turn your writing practice into a ritual you will LOVE. I'll guide through each step and help you bust the gremlins who say that no one wants to hear what you have to say. Your words are so needed right now. Don't hold back. Go Big...or BIGGER!

Course closes on January 17th


Will I have lifetime access?

I'm never sure what that means. My lifetime or yours? You will have access to the course as long as I have the teaching platform. If ever there comes a time that I leave the teaching platform, I'll let you know via email. In the meantime, you can come back to the course over and over, each time you want to self-publish another little book.

What will I need for the course?

You'll need a computer that can run live webinars, a pen and notebook, and some little projects: website, social media posts, or blog posts you want to write.

Is this course right for me?

This is for you if:
  • You sell your services or products online, including classes, retreats, digital downloads, 1-on-1 clients.
  • You want to attract the ideal clients and customers, but aren't sure how to write for them.
  • You want to build confidence in your writing and putting yourself out into the world in small ways to start.
  • You really love what you do, but can't convey what that is to customers.
  • You want your magic to stand front and center for the world to see.
  • Your business is flailing and you think your words aren't in alignment with what you do, how you do it, or aren't connecting with what you audience needs.
  • You've been avoiding this important part of marketing because you don't have the words.

Will you offer this course again?

It is my plan to make this a self-study course and offer the live course once each year. If you want to wait for the self-study course, you certainly can. You will not have the added benefit of the Group Coaching Calls during the self-study course.

What if I can't make the live webinars?

The Group Coaching Calls (webinars) will be recorded for later viewing. If you have questions about the content or your particular project, you'll have my email address to get your questions answered.

Meet Heather Dakota

I am a Book Witch & Business Alchemist.

This space was created for artists, writers, healers, herbalists, and Magick Makers to enchant and transform their businesses.

Together, we'll stir the cauldron to help you weave your business into magical online altars, content, services, and products that captivate your audience.

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