Business Spark with Heather Dakota by Heather Dakota

Business Spark with Heather Dakota

Self-study course
Magically transforming business as usual to business as YOU!

Business Spark is the first step to becoming your own business advisor. All you need are the right questions, connection with your inner business council, and magically aligning your business with who you are right now.

Go at your own pace.
Beginning support for an established or new soulful business.

Your inner business council will support you moving forward.

What's included?

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Welcome to Business Spark
Hello and Welcome
Secrets for Success in This Course
What to Expect & What to Bring
AUDIO: Commitment & Connection
11 mins
About Heather Dakota
Alchemy 1: Meet Your Business Council
VIDEO: Discover the Roots of Your Business
11 mins
AUDIO: Meet Your Business Council Visualization
9 mins
PDF: Explore the Roots of Your Business Clarity Sheet
60.3 KB
Alchemy 2: Manifest & Attract Prosperity and Abundance
VIDEO: How to Manifest & Attract Prosperity
19 mins
AUDIO: Release Your Scarcity Mindset Visualization
12 mins
PDF: What Is Enough For You? Clarity Sheet
57.9 KB
BONUS: Rituals for Prosperity
7.63 MB
Alchemy 3: Unleash Your Power
VIDEO: Unleash Your Power
17 mins
PDF: Your Zone of Genius Clarity Sheet
54.9 KB
AUDIO: Ignite Your Power Visualization
15 mins
Alchemy 4: Connect With Your Audience
VIDEO: Building Bridges & Connecting With Your Audience
27 mins
AUDIO: Connecting To Belonging
11 mins
PDF: Understanding Your Audience Clarity Sheet
48.6 KB
Alchemy 5: Develop Income Streams for Nurturing
VIDEO: Building Income Streams
8 mins
AUDIO: Being Seen and Heard Visualization
8 mins
PDF: Nurture Your Income Streams Clarity Sheet
62.9 KB
Alchemy 6: Magnetize Your Marketing
VIDEO: Get The Word Out
17 mins
AUDIO: Create The Atmosphere For Your Business
9 mins
PDF: Discover Your Power Words Clarity Sheet
44.8 KB
BONUS: Meaning of Color
57.9 KB
Alchemy 7: Align Your Actions
VIDEO: Pioneering A New Way
18 mins
AUDIO: Pioneering A New Way
9 mins
PDF: You Are Your Own Best Business Advisor Clarity Sheet
48.3 KB
BONUS: Self-Care Plan
483 KB

Want One-On-One Support For Your Soulful Business?

I offer Business Sovereignty & Business Alchemy for additional guidance and magical support for you and your business. Let's co-conjure some magick together. Learn more.