Magically Transform Your Business As Usual with DIY Courses & Guidance
Release Your Sacred Words
Even if...
You're too busy
Need more clarity 
Not sure of your next steps
Have no clue about the tech stuff 
Don't know how to make it all come together 

No Regrets! No Disappointment!
You've got this you magical Being!

Business Alchemy 8-Week Course

Self-study course.
Transform your business as usual to business as you! Your business. Your way.
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10 Must-Haves For A Magical Website

July 8, 2020 In this 90-minute webinar, we'll dig into what will make your website magical & bring the audience you want to work with most.
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10 Secrets For Branding You

June 10, 2020 In this 90-minute webinar, we'll dive into what it takes to be seen and heard through all the noise & do it your soulful way!
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Connect With Your Audience

This one-hour webinar helps you connect with your audience through real-world relationships.
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Secrets of Scents with Tracey Lewindon

Explore aromatherapy and essential oils through the lens of knowledge & safety, while honoring their healing powers. Includes video, PDF
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What is your download policy?

I want you to have a magical experience with the digital downloads. To that end, I have placed a straightforward description of each download's content for you to review prior to purchase.

Refunds Policy
Please read this policy carefully. This is the Refund Policy for all downloads and digital products offered on this site.
Digital Products
We will not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. We recommend contacting us immediately for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading a product, or reaching a link in the document. We’re here to help the best we can.
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How long do I have access to a course?

You will have access to the course as long as I have this platform. In the event that something changes, I'll send you a notification, so you can download any information that is important to you.

How are your courses presented?

Courses are presented via written content, audios, videos, articles, action plans, and Live Zooms, click on "View Product" to find out more about each digital download or course.

Where is my product?

If you haven't received your digital download or confirmation of your course, please contact us.

Where can I find more about Book Witching & Business Alchemy?

If you're ready to transform business as usual to a business that fits you like a glove, you're in the right place. Try out the membership to really get your business and word weaving sparks flying.


"I am telling all my friends who are in business about these courses. They're informative, educational & magical!" 
"It is really for everyone and anyone interested in living a holistic life and being more connected to their audience, as there is something for each of us to take away from the experience.  There are so many opportunities here to learn and explore what speaks to you." 
"These courses teach you a new way of thinking about what it means to have a business. They inspired me to start doing the things I want to do and figure out what works for me." 
"Heather is a really nice, warm, and open person, and she has a really deep knowledge of the topics she weaves together during the course. It was also awesome to connect with like-minded people. I could feel the warmth and friendship of our group."

Meet Heather Dakota

I am a Book Witch & Business Alchemist.

This space was created for artists, writers, healers, herbalists, and Magick Makers to enchant and transform their businesses.

Together, we'll stir the cauldron to help you weave your business into magical online altars, content, services, and products that captivate your audience.

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